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Specializing in energy efficiency and variable speed technology, VPC delivers cutting edge technology for future orientated industries. VPC also performs energy audits on customer plants to maximize their ability to use resources efficiently and reduce electrical costs. As a partner with power providers, we have teamed up to save our customers millions of Kilowatt hours in electrical savings.

Vacuum Systems

Vacuum is an intricate process. At Vacuum, Pump & Compressor, we understand the variables and engineering that make your outcome a success. We have experience in energy savings, water savings, temperature and cooling, heat recovery, product freshness, and product longevity. We are pleased to develop a solution for your company to maximize efficiency and reliability.

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Energy Efficiency and Reliability

Vacuum, Pump & Compressor offers a wide variety of equipment for your industrial and municipal pump needs. With an extensive partnership of specialized manufacturers, you can be assured your fluid process needs will be met with the best selection of application, metallurgy, efficiency, value and delivery.

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Improving Your Current System

At VPC we view things through an engineering model. We believe you must evaluate your current system to obtain the necessary data.

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Energy Savings Specialists

Our years of application knowledge and working hands on the field, has provided the experience to make processes more reliable, greener and profitable. Discuss your application with one of our engineers today.


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