Energy Saving With Direct Drive Blower Packages


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Most companies overlook the amount of energy consumed by blower systems. Vacuum, Pump, & Compressor understands that decreasing energy consumption is crucial to your bottom line. VPC-SCD blower packages not only save substantial amounts of energy, but are reliable, engineered products that require less maintenance time and parts.

• Save 5% in energy with no belt friction losses
• Lower maintenance – No re-tightening or replacement of belts
• Increase blower bearing life up to 3 times by eliminating side torsional loading
• High torque at low RPM for starting under load
• Lessen blower failures

The VPC-SCD allows for a wide pressure operating range to maximize energy savings as your plant demand changes. Each blower package is custom engineered to fit your requirements and manufactured in Green Bay, WI.

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