Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Cavitation

liquid ring vacuum pump cavitationIf your Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is making an abnormal sound comparable to gravel going through the pump, cavitation is likely occurring. Cavitation is the result of gas bubbles under vacuum being subjected to an increase in pressure on the discharge port of the pump and imploding or collapsing. An analysis of the pressure and temperature conditions of the pump is required to reduce the potential for cavitation to occur. This will include an analysis of the following:

  • What is the current operating pressure of the vacuum pump? Is the capability of the pump being exceeded?
  • Seal Fluid
    • Measure the seal fluid being used by the pump in comparison to that required at the operating pressure. Is it too high or too low?
    • Measure seal fluid temperature and compare with vapor pressure
  • Discharge Piping
    • Is the additional back pressure on the system, from a blocked discharge plumbing or drain?
  • Performance test the pump
  • Is there wear in the pump over years of use, creating excessive clearances?

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