Commercial Grinder Pumps

Commercial Grinder pumps are essential in applications that require pumping viscous material, and VPC offers multiple brands. Many pumps use a stainless-steel radial cutter and cutter run that is 50-60 Rockwell Hardened to grind up the inlet material. These pumps also use a vortex impeller to allow for less wear from abrasive materials.

Grinder pumps are rather high head/low velocity pumps. Also, most often times these pumps are 2 pole for the higher speed, making the grinding more efficient. The efficiency comes from the cutting rings ability to grind the material.

Grinder pumps have their place in many applications, but they excel in sewage/wastewater industry. Due to wastewater having the ability to contain anything, these pumps are used to ensure that nothing that may cause damage or clogging can get through. They may also be used in the metal industry for slag pits.

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a commercial grinder pumps from vpc is essential in applications that require pumping viscous material

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