Energy Savings with GBS Blower Purge Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers

The Blower Purge system manufactured by Great Lakes Air is unique because it addresses the problem of using a wet atmospheric purge gas to cool the desiccant previously heated by the blower and circulation heater. The solution to this problem is a dryer with multiple operating modes to derive a specific outlet requirement at a specific time. This is exactly how the Great Lakes model GBS operates. In the winter months with low relative humidity the unit will function well in the blower only mode. In the wet summer months the unit can be operated in the Blower with Polishing mode that utilizes small amounts of dry compressed air to cool the desiccant from the atmospheric humidity. The final mode available is the Externally Heated Mode for operation in conditions requiring absolute or exceptionally low dewpoint, or periods of blower maintenance. This standard triple mode operation of the Great Lakes Model GBS makes it a truly efficient and versatile compressed air dryer.

Dewpoint Demand Controller

The Dewpoint Demand Controller is an option designed to limit energy consumption to the minimum required for optimum dryer performance. The option works off the premise that not all compressed air conditions are stable and continuous. Each desiccant tower is designed to adsorb the moisture load of full rated flow and rated conditions for 5 minutes. If at the end of 5 minutes your flow has fluctuated i.e. from 20 to 100% of rated load the desiccant bed has unused adsorption capacity of roughly 40%. At the end of the 5 minutes the demand cycle control holds the freshly regenerated tower in a pressurized standby mode so the on-line tower can continue to adsorb moisture to the design limit. While the dryer is in this standby mode no energy is being expended and the overall average energy consumption is reduced. As the Dewpoint meter (The heart of the Dewpoint demand control) signals that the proper moisture loading of the on-line tower is approaching, the towers invert bringing the standby tower on-line and beginning the regeneration of the previously saturated tower.

The GBS Series utilizes an atmospheric blower and low watt density Incoloy sheath heater to increase operational efficiency and eliminate required purge air in the Blower Only Mode. The standard series is designed for capacities of 100 to 25,000 SCFM. The standard Tri-Mode system allows an operator to select a mode of operation at any time. The selectable modes are Blower Only, Blower Polishing, and External Heated.

  • Tri-Mode Operating System
  • NEMA 12 Electrical
  • US Manufactured Activated Alumina
  • Desiccant Fill & Drain Ports
  • Adjustable Purge Flow w/Indicator
  • Control Air Filter
  • ASME Relief Valves
  • OSHA Approved Mufflers
  • Insulated Heater & Purge Piping
  • Incoloy Sheath Heater
  • Heater Over-temp High Limit System
  • 5-Year Heater Warranty
  • High Efficiency Regenerative & Centrifugal Blowers
  • 2-Year Equipment Warranty
  • Optional Dewpoint-Demand Energy Management System

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