VPC will help design your
Liquid Ring System

A proper Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump system begins with the end in mind. That is why so many customers trust VPC to engineer a liquid ring system to produce the essential vacuum process they need. Whether assisting with plumbing lay out, correct valving, flow control measurement, or vacuum transducers, VPC will provide you with a solution to ensure proper performance.

VPC has a wealth of experience in designing systems that require minimal utility/water consumption, handling different gases, or particle/fluid separation. Systems are also available in many metallurgies including most common Cast Iron and 316SS.

Here is what our customers have to say...

An extensive resource and experience in boosting, atmospheric ejectors, specialized control, and stringent vacuum levels.

VPC offers the most comprehensive and thorough testing of vacuum systems. We are able test vacuum systems in the field or in our test facility. We have multiple sets of testing equipment to perform different tests at different locations within your plant. Our test equipment is precise and calibrated. We are able to provide you with recommendations to solve your most challenging problems.

VPC has the engineers and technical to tackle your most difficult and demanding vacuum project

VPC can engineer a system to meet your end goal. VPC maintains a calibrated and state-of-the-art data logger and sensors to directly measure flow, pressure, and kW of your existing system.

Audits are conducted over a period of the customer’s choosing with a complete report with raw data, graphs and recommendations. Custom Engineered packages are provided with drawings and submittals and most systems qualify for energy incentives from your local utility.

A recent project reduced a customer’s water usage by 21,349,400 gallons yearly netting combined water and electrical savings of $117,380 annually.

Expertise in Vacuum

From South America to Europe to Asia to our home in the USA, VPC provides vacuum systems that lower operating costs, improve efficiency, and offer unmatched reliability. Whether you packaging line requires 25inHg or your drying system re-quires vacuum to 1.5 torr, VPC has a solution and product for your need.

VPC Application Experience

  • Product Packaging
  • Evaporators
  • Filtration
  • Drying Systems
  • Central Vacuum
  • Boiling Process
  • De-Aeration
  • Vacuum Condensing
  • Special

Reducing Sealant Requirements

Vacuum is often a quiet consumer of energy and resources in a dairy and food processing plant. A Busch R5-0630 has an oil capacity of 5 gallons recommended to be changed every 750-1000 hrs. This could result in consumption of over 40 gallons of oil a year for a single pump. Also, a 15hp liquid-ring pump on an evaporator requires 6gpm of service fluid. At a 35% duty cycle over 1 million gallons of water will flow through the pump yearly. VPC offers its customers assurance that only the energy required to complete the job will be used and your valuable time and energy will not go to waste.

Full Recovery Water or Liquid Sealed Vacuum System: Designed for continuous duty at deep vacuum or high flow with no maintenance other than filter and sealant change every 10,000 hrs.