Variable Speed Dry Vacuum Technology

The VPC-SCD is the world’s foremost green vacuum technology for its energy efficiency, elimination of oil/water and reduced regulatory burden.

Our VPC-SCD reduces energy costs, increases production and reduces maintenance by 90%.

This is done by utilizing the VPC-SCD speed control drive technology which only uses the power required to produce the vacuum and flow for a given task.

The VPC-SCD system reduces maintenance, time and money. The only maintenance items needed are inlet air filtration and minimal bearing lubrication oil. This will eliminate the hundreds of gallons of oil required for a rotary screw or oil sealed liquid ring vacuum system. Cooling Towers, Water Circulating pumps and chemical additives can also be eliminated for water sealed liquid ring vacuum systems.

Every system is built with our Efficiency Optimization Controller that monitors the condition and movement of your vacuum system. Energy efficiency is gained by having precise control of vacuum to 0.1 inch Hg. Maintenance intervals are tracked for precise scheduling along with diagnostics.

Technical Data

  • 5-300HP
  • 0-27.5” HgV
  • 0-6,000 cfm

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