Ideal Filtrate Pump for Vacuum Applications

The Carver 855 pump was originally developed for a large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of vacuum filtrate pump equipment. Mounting the flange directly to the receiver tank eliminates suction piping and minimizes NPSH problems. The design allows pumping to resume even after short periods of interrupted flow. Capable of operating in vacuum conditions up to 26” Hg, the specially designed semi-open impeller assures pumping from a trickle to full capacity. Rugged in design and dependable in nature, the 855 filtrate pump is a workhorse in some of the toughest environments in the industry.

filtrate pumpThe 855 features an overhead v-belt drive arrangement as standard, with options for close-coupled units. By utilizing either belt drive or variable frequency drive, performance characteristics can be fine-tuned to match most system requirements. With a simple, vertically split case design, the 855 may be disassembled to expose the entire wetted area. Standard features include a packed stuffing box with seal water connections provided, to ensure lubrication and eliminate vacuum/air leakage. Pumps come with discharge flanges machined for both Class 150 ANSI and DIN PN10 connections.

Corrosion-resistant shafts are used to eliminate the need for shaft sleeves. Impellers are keyed to the shaft, providing a secure fit and protection, should momentary reverse rotation occur. The swing-out mount is a popular optional feature allowing easy inspection of the pump and quick access to the tank interior.

Why an 855 Filtrate Pump?


  • Handles challenging suction conditions.
  • Optional swing-out mount allows for pump inspection and quick access to tank.
  • Unit speed can be adjusted through a VFD or belt drive, to fine tune performance to match system requirements.
  • The casing is self-venting, to prevent airlock.

Article Courtesy of Carver Pump Company

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