Industrial Air Receivers

Proper sized air receivers are a relatively maintenance free addition to your compressed air system.

A common sizing principle is to allow 4 gallons for every compressor horsepower. Thus a 100 Hp compressor would normally use a 400 gallon air receiver.

Samuel PVG is one of North America’s largest suppliers of commercial and industrial ASME Air Receivers. Our product flexibility sets up apart from the competition. From 12 to 5,000 gallon capacity in vertical and horizontal configurations. We also have “made to order” standard air receiver designs up to 60,000 gallons.

Over 95% of standard air receivers ship within a day!

Air receivers also require a properly sized pressure gauge and relief valve.

VPC stocks zero loss drains that save additional energy.  They are see thru so it is easy to tell that they are working.
Some drains require no electricity for outdoor or remote applications.

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