Our Take on Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Air-operated diaphragm (AOD) pumps have some of the toughest jobs around world due to their simplicity and customizability. I love working with All-Flo pumps because I can design my chosen pump with proper wet and air end parts that are able to work with the harshest chemicals.

All-Flo is a part of PSG Dover, which has a wide array of pump brands in its family. All-Flo specializes in metal and plastic AOD pumps for many industries, including metal finishing, coating, oil, gas, and other industrial markets.

All-Flo Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

What makes All-Flo the first thing that I look at is the simplicity of the air-valve operation; during operation only 4 pieces of the air-valve move! This makes for very simple maintenance and peace of mind. Overall, there are a lot of AOD pumps to choose from, but All-Flo stands alone in cost effectiveness and simplistic design.

As stated above, the All-Flo air valve only has 3 parts that move during operation. These parts include the main air valve, pilot air valve and central rod that moves the diaphragms back and forth. The main air valve moves vertically between up and down positions, which allow for inflation and exhausting of the diaphragms. The pilot air valve travels horizontally to direct the air that moves to the main air valve. The pilot air valve is fixed to the central rod which also slides horizontally, inflating and exhausting the diaphragms. This simple system makes maintenance very quick and easy due to you being able to access and replace the 3-piece system. With so few moving pieces, there are very few places for your system to fail, and an equal number of places to inspect. Total, these pumps are made up of the fewer parts than any competitors in the AOD pump industry. With this few of parts, you can understand why these pumps are so easy to work on.

Optimum Efficiency to Save you Time and Money

All-Flo air operated diaphragm pumps are made with the efficient operator in mind. The efficiency does not stop at the simple air valve system, but we also stock many All-Flo pumps and repair kits right here at Vacuum Pump & Compressor. This allows us to get you whatever you need in a timely manner, which eliminates costly downtime. Lastly, it will allow you to save money in power consumption. Since this sealed system has 2 positions, it allows for as much as half the compressed air consumption as competing models. All-Flo really is the pump choice if ease of maintenance and saving money are for you.

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