Partial Recovery Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

liquid ring vacuum pump partial recirculation diagram

Partial Recovery Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems provide a user the ability to reduce the amount of fresh water required to operate their system. In theory, half of the water required will come from a fresh water source and half will be recycled from the discharge separator. The fresh water supply will have similar instrumentation to a once through system including; strainer, solenoid valve, flow control and isolation valve. The capital cost on a partial recovery and once-through system are generally negligible.

An important item to consider on partial recovery systems is the mixed fresh/recovered water will have a higher service liquid temperature than in once through or no recovery system. This can result in lower pump performance and cavitation. Reducing the amount of recycled water can reduce the incoming water temperature but in turn would increase water sent to drain.

Also, systems that have heavy process contamination are generally not good candidates for partial recovery as the seal water will continue to be contaminated and not adequately flushed.

If you are interested in designing or improving a partial recovery system, reach out to a VPC engineer at 1-800-361-6713.

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