Technical Excellence
Graco Pumps

Graco has an unwavering commitment to technical excellence and a world class manufacturing center. Graco offers products that set high quality standards in a broad range of fluid handling applications: spray finishing and paint circulation, lubrication, sealants and adhesives, sanitary processing and power application equipment.

The United States is home to 80 percent of their manufacturing production, where they can leverage our highly efficient, engaged workforce and maintain high quality and fast deliveries..Sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with our customers and use their feedback to improve our products and equipment continuously. The result: satisfied customers who are incredibly loyal to the Graco brand.

Husky Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps

Graco’s line of Husky electric double diaphragm pumps combine all of the benefits of a traditional air operated diaphragm pump like self-priming, stalling under pressure, and increased diaphragm life with the benefits of an electric pump like energy cost savings, reduced pulsation, and increased pump control. Husky e-Series pumps are manufactured with your productivity in mind – providing you with one of the most reliable and efficient pumps in the market. Available for 1” or 2” connections, each diaphragm pump is tested before leaving our factories.


  • Up to 80% more efficient than an air operated diaphragm pump.
  • The first electric pump on the market that will stall under pressure.
  • Reduce pulsation without the addition of pulsation dampeners.
  • Can run dry and self-prime (no need to fill the pump to operate).
  • Mobile cart options available for easy and quick movement.
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Husky Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Graco’s line of Husky pneumatic double diaphragm pumps are manufactured with your productivity in mind – providing you with one of the most reliable and efficient pumps in the market. Each diaphragm pump is tested before leaving our factories.


  • Rugged construction resists corrosion for reliable performance and long life.
  • Flow rates and sizes up to 300 gpm (1135 lpm) / port sizes ranging from ¼” to 3” in NPT, BSP, and flange options.
  • Stall-free, low pulsation Modular air valve provides smooth and rapid changeover for increased efficiency and minimized down time.
  • Up to 5 times longer diaphragm life compared to other double diaphragm pumps in its class.
  • Easy maintenance with fewer parts than competitive models and an externally accessible air valve.
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SaniForce High Sanitation Double Diaphragm Pumps

Graco’s SaniForce High Sanitation Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are designed to meet stringent sanitation requirements. Mounted on a floor stand and equipped with a leak detector, SaniForce High Sanitation Diaphragm pumps can be rotated 360 degrees to drain any excess material.


  • Pumps up to 150 gpm (568 lpm).
  • Pump rotates 360 degrees for easy draining.
  • Features our lube free, non-sticking air valve.
  • Overmolded diaphragm plates with PTFE on the fluid side and EPDM on the air side do not contain crevices for harboring bacteria.
  • Suitable to pump products such as fruit filling, spaghetti sauce, muffin and cake batter, oils and lotions, flowable sour cream, yogurt and light-viscosity cheeses.
  • Tri-clamp connections allow accelerated cleaning and minimal downtime.

PTFE/EPDM Overmolded Diaphragms

  • Improve wear and diaphragm life with no exposed diaphragm plates on the fluid side
  • No crevices for harboring bacteria
  • PTFE on fluid side and EPDM on the air side
  • Approved for 3A applications
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corrosive and abrasive chemicals. The pumps do not have any exposed metals and can be configured to meet most abrasion, temperature, and chemical compatibility requirements.


  • CNC machined design ensures precision fit and superior chemical containment compared to molded pumps.
  • Corrosion resistant exterior with no exposed metal reduces maintenance, extends pump life, and offers clean and safe operation.
  • Removable air motor offers easy and intuitive maintenance, reducing downtime.

Leak Free

  • Tie-bolt design ensures chemical containment
  • Precision fit, machined design
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President 2-Ball Pumps

Graco’s President 2-Ball Circulation & Supply Pumps for Liquid Coatings is a pneumatic positive displacement pump with a 2-ball design for uniform and easily controlled delivery.


  • Stainless or carbon steel models to handle various fluids types:
    • Solvent, waterborne and cleaning fluids
    • Stains, lacquers, varnishes and other acid catalyzed materials
    • Resins
    • High solid and plural component coatings
  • Drum and stubby length models for mounting and application flexibility
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President 4-Ball Pumps

Graco’s President Sealed 4-Ball Circulation & Supply Pumps offer improved durability, more compatibility, and longer life span.


  • Sealed fluid section completely eliminates the need for TSL
  • Industry leading design continues to pump in the event of bellows failures, giving you time to schedule maintenance
  • New Ultralife Coatings on lower rods and cylinders provide smoother finish and longer seal life
  • Backwards compatible with most legacy Graco Circulation Pumps
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