Travaini Vacuum Pumps

Liquid Handling Capability

Travaini Pumps are capable of handling high volumes of vapors, condensable and liquids, without detrimental consequences to their performance or their mechanical reliability. Pump service liquid can be water or other liquids such as oils, solvents, etc.

Discharge Oil Free Air

With clean water as pump service liquid, the aspirated air (or gas) is “washed clean” within the pump. Contrary to other types of vacuum pumps the discharged air can be completely free of any oils, carbon or plastic particles.

Mounting To NEMA Motors

Travaini Pumps standard design may be base-mounted coupled to standard NEMA Motors. Pumps up to 40 HP can be close coupled to C or D flanged NEMA Motors. This close-coupled arrangement allows utilization of standard readily available electric motors, eliminates lengthy alignment procedures and costly breakdowns associated with misalignments.

Pressure To Less Than 25 Torr

Liquid ring vacuum pumps, type TRH/TRM/TRV in series with devices such as ejector and/or vacuum boosters can operate at pressures lower than 1 Torr.


Designed and manufactured utilizing ISO 9001 standards, every components is guaranteed for the selected materials, workmanship and performance through scrupulous inspections during production and final testing of finished product.


Through engineered innovations and co-operation with technologically advanced foundries, the pumps are manufactured with less components than typically required. Fewer parts add to the rigidity and toughness of the pumps, they are easier to assemble and maintenance is greatly facilitated.


The conventional stuffing boxes construction is eliminated with the Travaini Pumps’ standard design. The shaft length is greatly reduced thus eliminating the potential danger for shaft deflections and vibrations to the mechanical seals which would increase seals and bearing wear.


In keeping pace with today’s technology, Travaini Pumps has standardized all pumps to accept unified mechanical seals to DIN 24960 standards. Also available upon request, are constructions with double mechanical seals (tandem or back to back) or cartridge type mechanical seals.


In addition to the standard materials, Travaini Pumps are also available with special materials such as Ni-Resist D2B, Hastelloy B or C, Uranus B6, etc. to meet specific applications.


With the simple design of liquid ring pumps there are no reciprocating parts, no valves or sliding vanes. The impeller is the only rotating component with no metal-to-metal contact. Pump operation has minimal wear, vibration free and noise levels are reduced.














Travaini DynaSeal™

The Travaini DynaSeal™ system offers a simple, low maintenance design with low noise and vibration levels, as well as reduced operating costs.

DynaSeal™ Benefits DynaSeal™ Standard Specifications: ≥ 15” Hg Vacuum; 60-120˚F Ambient Temperatures; 180˚F Inlet Gas Temperature Max; 180˚F Discharge Gas/Oil Temperature; If conditions differ, consult factory for recommended design modifications.

200˚F Inlet Gas – Consult factory.

Capacity Range Standards 15-1000 ACFM. Larger systems available upon request.

Low Noise Level. Unlike rotary screw vacuum pumps, which run at rotor speeds as high as 9000-rpm, DynaSeal™ systems operate at conservative speeds (1750-rpm) resulting in low noise levels (75-80 dBA at 3-ft.) acceptable to the environment without the need for sound enclosures.

Minimal Maintenance. DynaSeal™ systems typically only require an oil change and replacement of discharge filter every 10,000 hours under normal operating conditions. No other maintenance is required except for periodic greasing of bearings.

Not affected by carry-over of soft solids or liquids. DynaSeal™ systems can handle carry-over of soft solids and liquids without damage to the system components. We do however recommend to install an inlet filter/strainer or knock-out pot in those applications where a high carry-over of either solids or liquids is expected. Designed for continuous operation.

Continuous Operation DynaSeal™ systems are designed for continuous operation over the full vacuum range without overheating.

Automatic Temperature Control. Prevents low temperature operation, reduces accumulation of water and other liquids in the reservoir and decreases the risk of bacteria growth. This optional feature is very important in hospital and other intermittent duty applications.

Low Vibration. DynaSeal™ systems require no special foundations or anti-vibration mountings as a standard.

High-Quality Manufacturing Standards. Travaini pumps are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standards.

Quality Control DynaSeal™ systems are a “proven design”. Combine this with our inline quality procedures and outgoing inspection, this provides you with the leading quality in the industry.

Custom Solutions DynaSeal™ systems can be provided in single or multiple system configurations with programmable controllers to meet your specific requirements. Explosion proof designs for those stringent environments. Wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper, etc.

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Travaini Centrifugal Heat Transfer Pumps

The TCH pump series is an extremely improved product for: • Toughness • Efficiency • Reliability • Safety • Durability • Lower operating costs The manufacturing program includes three bearing frame sizes of the “Back pull-out” type, the pump casing is of the spiral type with axial suction flange, the impeller is of the radial type with overhang mounting. All our production is guaranteed by certified quality system according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Handling clean or slightly contaminated liquids, hot, superheated, acidic and caustic in chemical industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper, environmental, steel, textile, etc. • Capacity up to 500 m3 /h and heads to 16 bar

Materials of construction are numerous, from cast iron to hastelloys. • High hydraulic efficiencies and low NPSH requirements. • Shaft sealing by packed stuffing box, single or double mechanical seals (ISO 3069/UNI EN 12756) with every installation option per API requirements. • Pump casing and seal housing can be provided with heating or cooling chambers, as needed. • Units up to 30 kW size can be close coupled, with the addition of a support lantern, to motors with B5 flange. This monoblock design offers great alignment advantages, simplicity of assembly and guarantee of perfect alignment even after transportation. • From the TCH series have derived series TCT, TCA and TCD that are designed for very specific pumping applications; all these series utilize many common components.

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travaini pumps, travaini pump distributor