Replace Inappropriate Use of Compressed Air For Energy Savings

It takes 5 HP to produce 20 cfm@100PSIG of compressed air. It only takes 1 HP to produce 20CFM @ 3PSIG for low pressure air. When you can replace high pressure use of compressed air with low pressure, the energy savings can be substantial. Using an FPZ blower or vacuum is economical, compact, and quiet.

Common applications to look at using low pressure include:

  • Drying Products
  • Cooling
  • Excess Product Removal
  • Clean up
  • Aspirating
  • Dust Removal
  • Pan and Tray Cleaning and Drying
  • Prevents Product Slippage
  • Collecting Dust and Debris
  • Filling containers
  • Padding
  • Sparging


Air Knives and Nozzles

  • Reducing operating costs due to less compressed air usage
  • Easily customized for the manufacturing process
  • Reducing noise levels
  • Economical
  • More blowing power at the right place
  • Reaching tight spaces effectively

If you think you could benefit by reducing power consumption at your plant with a low pressure blower, contact one of our engineers at 1-800-361-6713.

Some utilities provide incentives for certain applications.

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