Vacuum & Blower Audit

At Vacuum, Pump & Compressor we believe we need to offer engineering services based on correct measurement and accurate results. That is why we have invested in tens of thousands of dollars of equipment solely for this purpose. We believe our audits will give you the most comprehensive information in order to make decisions and work with electrical providers.

Vacuum is an energy intensive process requiring input electricity to power the motor and energy to cool and move the sealant through the pump. Whether your system consists of large 50hp+ units or many rotary-vane and liquid ring pumps, we have studies to fit your need. VPC's custom engineered data logging system measures kW, Vacuum, and Flow directly from the process. Vacuum Audits also provide great indication to pumps that are in need of repair to prevent higher costs resulting from failure.

Pipe  Airaudit

The cost to produce vacuum is significant and growing everyday as the price of electricity and raw materials increases. VPC Plant Air Audit's provide expertise and physical data in helping to improve your vacuum system. VPC Plant Air Audit measures kW, vacuum level, and flow directly from your system. The direct measurement of flow has resulted instances of customers purchasing a unit one-half the hp of their existing unit. The audits are conducted over 2-4 weeks to provide a complete data set of your vacuum system as production and variables change. Each sensor and components is calibrated prior to the study, to insure accuracy and your time and energy are not wasted. No matter your facility size we have a data logger and equipment to meet your needs.

Each Plant  Air Audit will consist of a minimum of:

  • Complete Report of kW, Vacuum, CFM  a 2-4 week Period
  • Data Reduced in Easy to Read Graphs and Tables
  • Detailed Recommendations with Cost Benefits
  • Calculation of Current Baseline of System Performance and Cost
  • Analysis of Piping System : Exterior System Overview and Interior Restrictions
  • Identify Inefficient Uses of Vacuum,
  • Determine Best Method of Vacuum Pump Control


Vacuum, Pump & Compressor will help you develop an SQF program to monitor air quality safety. We will explain the criteria and measurements necessary to satisfy your customers and government regulations.

VPC has the knowledge, test equipment and laboratory diagnostics to fulfill the monitoring demands of the program.



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