Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Liquid Handling Capability
Pumps are capable of handling high volumes of vapors, condensable and liquids, without detrimental consequences to their performance or their mechanical reliability. Pump service liquid can be water or other liquids such as oils, solvents, etc.
Discharge Oil Free Air
With clean water as pump service liquid, the aspirated air (or gas) is "washed clean" within the pump. Contrary to other types of vacuum pumps the discharged air can be completely free of any oils, carbon or plastic particles.
Mounting To Nema Motors
Travaini Pumps standard design may be base-mounted coupled to standard NEMA Motors. Pumps up to 40 HP can be close coupled to C or D flanged NEMA Motors. This closecoupled arrangement allows utilization of standard readily available electric motors, eliminates lengthy alignment procedures and costly breakdowns associated with misalignments.
Pressure To Less Than 25 Torr
Liquid ring vacuum pumps, type TRH/TRM/TRV in series with devices such as ejector and/or vacuum boosters can operate at pressures lower than 1 Torr.

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