Minimizing Industrial Lift Station Pump Starts per Hour

Repeated pump start/stop cycles in an industrial lift station can reduce life expectancy of the pump by overheating the motor. The goal is to balance the influent and discharge rate of fluid flow in the station.

Below are a Few Options to Minimize the Number of Pump Cycles:

  • Maintain the wet well at a constant level using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). A level transducer can be utilized to communicate with the VFD on pump motor speed to maintain constant level (influent/discharge flow rates) in the station. Consider the type of submersible pump being controlled as certain impeller designs require higher torque to prevent clogging.
  • Increase Station/Wet Well size: This is a consideration for new applications. Make sure to calculate the pump usage with given pump and basin size. How many minutes will the pump be off? How many minutes will the pump remain running?
  • Investigate Pump Size: Too small of a pump may not allow the pump to keep up with the influent rate or extended run times. Too large of pump may draw the fluid level down too quickly and increase cycling.

industrial lift pump station wet well

Minimizing the number of starts per hour will increase the life expectancy of your lift station pump and reduce maintenance/downtimes.

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